The Monson Law Firm Defeats Motion to Vacate Appraisal Award

The Monson Law firm attorney Kevin Riche recently defeated plaintiff’s challenge to an appraisal award. In “Leticia Wells v. Southern Fidelity Insurance Company (SFIC)”, presently pending in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. Plaintiff challenged the appraisal award, arguing (1) The outcome of the appraisal is not binding; (2) Southern Fidelity’s appraiser failed to assign actual cash value and loss to each item;(3) The appraisal award was not properly itemized in accordance with the policy; and (4) Southern Fidelity’s appraiser was not competent or disinterested. The Honorable Kurt Englehardt disagreed, finding that plaintiff’s arguments were “unconvincing” and granted SFIC’s Motion to Confirm the appraisal award. Please click here for a copy of the Order. Wells Decision

Plaintiff also previously sued both the appraiser and umpire in an apparent attempt to intimidate them. However, The Monson Law Firm coordinated an effort resulting in a voluntary dismissal of both parties.