Practice Areas

At The Monson Law Firm, we have earned a reputation for aggressive and proactive litigation concerning all aspects of insurance defense. Our primary areas of concentration include:

Automobile and Trucking

The Monson Law Firm works closely with personal and commercial automobile and trucking insurers and self-insured entities in defending their interests.

Bad Faith Claims

The Monson Law Firm protects our clients and their insureds throughout the claims process and litigation from allegations of bad faith.

Construction Liability

The Monson Law Firm provides both counseling and litigation services to insurers and companies seeking assistance with construction defect issues.


The Monson Law Firm provides coverage opinions and litigates coverage disputes.

Employer’s Liability

The Monson Law Firm advises its clients and litigates employment-related claims.


The Monson Law Firm handles the defense of both NFIP and Private Flood claims and litigation.

General Liability

The Monson Law Firm litigates on behalf of insurers in Louisiana and Texas regarding third party liability coverages.


The Monson Law Firm handles maritime personal injury and death claims involving seamen under the Jones Act and claims for collision damage and pollution.

Medical Malpractice

The Monson Law Firm successfully represents doctors, ambulance companies, medical device companies, pharmacists and their insurers from claims of malpractice.

Premises Liability

The Monson Law Firm handles premises liability defense for insurers, commercial businesses, hospitals, drug stores, malls, retail stores, nightclubs, homeowners and other real estate owners.

Professional Liability

The Monson Law Firm handles professional liability claims against insurance agents, accountants, architects, design professionals, real estate professionals, home inspectors title abstractors, doctors, medical professionals, homeowners' associations and other professionals.

Property Insurance

The Monson Law Firm is established as a leader in defending and considering coverage in first-party property claims.

Workers’ Compensation

The Monson Law Firm helps insurers and businesses control their exposure by investigating and defending both state workers’ compensation claims and claims under the Longshore Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.