Nader “Anthony” Odeh Sued for Insurance Fraud and Racketeering

Nader “Anthony” Odeh, a licensed public adjuster and registered appraiser, was recently sued by attorney Joey LaHatte in Federal Court in New Orleans.  LaHatte alleges that he retained Odeh from 2014 to 2016 as a public adjuster and appraiser.  As part of a wide ranging suit under the Federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), LaHatte alleges that Odeh “committed insurance fraud across state lines by removing items . . .and thereafter submitting the removed item as an insurance loss.” LaHatte also alleges that Odeh “would . . .prepare fraudulent insurance loss documents.”

LaHatte refers to the accomplishments of The Monson Law Firm against Odeh in Paragraph 24(c) in which The Monson Law Firm obtained a restraining order against Odeh.  Click here for details.

LaHatte also refers in Paragraph 24(d) to the instance where Odeh attempted to record the oral argument of Matthew Monson in open court.

Please also click here to see how The Monson Law Firm has previously reduced Odeh’s claimed fees in court on three separate occasions.

To view a copy of the Lawsuit, please click here.