The Monson Law Firm Wins Summary Judgment on Slip and Fall Case

The Orleans Parish Civil District Court recently granted a Motion for Summary Judgment filed by The Monson Law Firm attorneys Sarah Murphy Barro and Rachel Flarity, ruling that Atain Specialty Insurance Company’s policy did not provide insurance coverage for the plaintiff’s claims.  In the case of “Anthony Bassett v. Hilton Worldwide, Inc., Global Staffing Solutions, LLC, and Atain Insurance Company,” plaintiff was injured while working for Global Staffing at the Riverside Hilton.  Plaintiff ultimately filed a lawsuit against Hilton, Global Staffing, and Global Staffing’s CGL insurer, Atain, asserting that he slipped and fell on water which leaked from a wet bar.  Plaintiff alleged that Hilton’s employees were solely responsible for his accident.  The District Court held that Atain did not provide coverage for plaintiff’s claims because (1) plaintiff did not assert a negligence claim against Atain’s insured, Global Staffing, and (2) Hilton was not an “additional insured” under the policy because it was solely responsible for plaintiff’s accident, and the policy only insured Hilton for Global Staffing’s negligence.

Please click here for a copy of the decision.