The Monson Law Firm Wins Summary Judgment for Southern Fidelity Insurance Company

The  32nd Judicial District Court recently granted a Motion for Summary Judgment filed by The Monson Law Firm attorney Sarah Murphy Barro, ruling that Southern Fidelity Insurance Company’s insurance policy did not provide insurance coverage for the plaintiffs’ claims.  In the case of “Phillip Ryan Hearn, Individually and on Behalf of his Minor Child, Peyton Rylee Hearn v. Randy Babin and Tammy Babin, Individually and on Behalf of Phillip Babin, and ABC Insurance Company,” plaintiff Peyton Hearn was injured while riding with defendant Phillip Babin on an All-Terrain Vehicle.  The plaintiffs ultimately filed a lawsuit against the Babins and their homeowners’ insurer, Southern Fidelity, asserting various causes of action, including vicarious liability, negligent supervision, and negligent entrustment.  The District Court held that Southern Fidelity did not provide insurance coverage for the plaintiffs’ claims because the Babins’ policy contained an All-Terrain Vehicle Exclusion and Motor Vehicle Liability Exclusion which excluded coverage.