National Graham Cracker Day

The Monson Law Firm is celebrating National Graham Cracker Day! The graham cracker was originally invented as a “health food” as part of the “Graham Diet”. Developed by Presbyterian minister, Sylvester Graham in the early 1800s, graham crackers were originally made from whole-wheat graham flour with added bran and wheat germs. The minister believed this snack would curb a variety of sinful cravings. Modern graham crackers are made with bleached white flour and come in a variety of flavors including honey, cinnamon and chocolate. While a delicious snack on their own, they are also terrific ingredients for desserts. Crushed graham crackers blended with butter and pressed into pie tins or springform pans make excellent crusts when lightly toasted. One of the most popular treats made with graham crackers is the S’more. What’s your favorite dessert to make with Graham Crackers? Click here to view pictures!