The Monson Law Firm Wins a Motion for Summary Judgment for Atain Specialty Insurance Company!

The 14th Judicial District Court recently granted a Motion for Summary Judgment filed by The Monson Law Firm attorney Sarah Barro, ruling that Atain Specialty Insurance Company’s policy did not provide insurance coverage for the plaintiffs’ claims. In the case of “Harbor Docking and Towing Company, LLC, et al. v. Rolls-Royce Marine North America, Inc., et al.,” plaintiffs contracted with Castleman Maritime to design two twin tug boats, the Pat and the Carl. Plaintiffs ultimately filed a lawsuit against Castleman Maritime and its CGL insurer, Atain, asserting claims for faulty design. The District Court held that the Malpractice and Professional Services Exclusion in the Atain policy applied to exclude coverage for plaintiffs’ claims, as plaintiffs’ claims stemmed from the rendering of professional services (i.e. the design of two tug boats). Click here to view pictures!