LaHatte Law Firm Sued for Legal Malpractice

LaHatte Law Firm, LLC and attorney Joey LaHatte were recently sued by their clients, Christopher Butler and Melanie Butler, for legal malpractice in the 24th Judicial District Court for the Parish of Jefferson, Case. No. 782-185.  After a March 2015 fire, LaHatte made claim upon the Butlers’ insurer, Centauri Specialty Insurance Company, for additional living expenses (“ALE”).  The Butlers allege that LaHatte falsely represented to Centauri that the Butlers leased a property for three months, when in fact they had moved in with Mr. Butler’s parents.  The Butlers allege that LaHatte was working with a housing vendor, Relocating Solutions, LLC.  Relocating Solutions’ member is Maria Odeh, wife of public adjuster Nader “Anthony” Odeh.  The Butlers allege that LaHatte never informed them that a three month lease was available.  Because of this, LaHatte was ordered by the court to sit for a deposition at which the Butlers allege LaHatte was “unprepared, uninformed, and uncooperative.”  The Butlers seek damages for LaHatte “intentionally making material misrepresentations to Petitioners’ insurer, Centauri, regarding the use of ALE paid on Petitioners behalf”, among other allegations.

Previously, The Monson Law Firm, successfully obtained the dismissal of its client, CRDN, from the underlying suit.  Please click here to see a copy of the dismissal.

Please click here to see a copy of the malpractice suit against LaHatte.